Minerva Centre Hexham

Pottery & Sculpture Course in Hexham

Pottery & Sculpture Course Hexham

Course Classes Venue:
The Minerva Centre
17 Hallstile Bank

Class Times:
Monday to Friday from 10.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.

Course Cost:
Cost per student/per day is £35.00 (most art and craft materials are supplied by Minerva).

What can be made?
Coil Pots - circular or oval pots or vases. Slab Pots - Square shaped pots, rectangular pots or squared vases. Relief Slabs - plaques or hanging planters. Animals - sculpted. Brooches & Badges. Learn to throw - mugs, vases and bowls, and decorate them. Try your own ideas - whatever you have in mind, having tried some of these techniques, or can start at any stage if you are familiar with some of the skills. We will encourage you to do your own ideas at any time within the course.

Learning Outcomes

  1. The course will teach the building blocks of jewellery design & production to a professional standard.
  2. The course will improve and build presentation and communication skills.
  3. The course will provide training & skills that the student can carry forward to further their pursuit after the course.
  4. Students can exhibit their work through Minerva at events & venues such as the Hexham Abbey Christmas exhibition and more.
  5. Students will have the opportunity to sell their work in the Minerva shop.

Transferrable Skills

  1. This course will build students communication skills, confidence, teamwork, self-esteem and life & social fulfilment.
  2. The course will build existing English & Mathematical skills via interaction with the course syllabus.
  3. Tackling & dealing with small problems in a safe, learning environment and learning how to calmly overcome them.
  4. Basic skills, pricing and selling techniques so students can continue further education in the discipline or start their own business or hobby.
  5. Skills Portfolio: It is one of our end goals to allow students to build up a portfolio so that they may enter college or further education - Independence is a natural progression of finding your own feet.

ALL students will receive a 'Minerva certificate of education' which can be used to further education and skills.