Minerva Centre Hexham


Students of Minerva have experienced life changing courses and activities delivered in socially responsible methods and have achieved some amazing results by...

  1. Social Awareness: by being in touch with a wider community.
  2. Artistically: by having a place which provides inspiration and people to talk to about art projects.
  3. Economically: assisted by being able to sell work through the shop.
  4. In terms of needs: a sympathetic organisation, always prepared to listen and give time to people.

I have an interest in Arts and Crafts since the 1960s. I have attended various courses to extend my knowledge and practical experience. I make cards at home and sell them in the Minerva Centre shop. I am taking a Fabric Printing course at Minerva, mainly making cushions for my home which I share with my adorable cat Coco. I find it therapeutic attending Minerva.


I wanted to write to thank you so much for the support you have given to my daughter this summer.

She had gone through a difficult few months before coming to Minerva. And was feeling quite low. However, after a short time working with you and learning new skills, we fell that she was back to her usual self and was looking forward to the future once again.

As a family we feel very fortunate that she has found a supportive environment within which to grow creatively.

Thank you!


I enjoy being a volunteer at Minerva. It is a pleasure to be able to support individual students to fulfil their potential in artistic areas of their own choosing. I try to listen to respond to the students to help them to incorporate these ideas.


I have lived in Hexham for about 6 years. After I was here a while I got to know about Minerva, and I went to see if I could help the centre manager. She said they always welcome volunteers. I have been going there for about 3 years now and I love it. The adults with learning difficulties are delightful. They come from the centre with amazing things due to Margaret and the rest of the volunteers who give their time at Minerva.


I came up to Hexham in 2013. For about six months I was unable to get any work, so the Job Centre sent me to Minerva in Hexham. I was there a while and I was on work experience. Taking the work that was offered was the best thing I ever did. The centre manager is the most hard-working person I know and the adults with learning difficulties learn everything and they all love going there. They are taught all kinds of things and come out with wonderful things thanks to Minerva.