Minerva Centre Hexham

Textiles & Fabrics Course in Hexham

Basic Textiles
Constructed Textiles

Textiles & Fabrics Course Hexham

Course Classes Venue:
The Minerva Centre
17 Hallstile Bank

Class Times:
Monday to Friday from 10.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.

Course Cost:
Cost per student/per day is £35.00 (most art and craft materials are supplied by Minerva).

Basic Textiles


Choose your silk and dyes, experiment with colour, plan your designs, and silk paint your chosen design.

The aim of this basic textile course is to give the students a grounding in Printing, painting and dyeing fabrics. This is a unique skill that takes time and patience, which this ten-week course hopes to provide.

The course will focus on how to design and draw imagery suitable for clothing, as well as how to copyright unique designs. Students will be taught the relevant skills to create repeat designs for screen-printing that can be used for bags, scarfs, T-shirts, jumpers and various other items of clothing.

From the beginning, students will have workshops tailored to their interests and working skill levels to build on what they know. This allows students to gain confidence while learning new techniques that will enable them to choose their next area of interest that they wish to explore in depth.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will learn how to sketch and design unique textile prints.
  2. Students will learn various techniques for a fabric outcome.
  3. Students will gain skills for sketchbook and portfolio design.

Transferrable Skills

  1. Time management.
  2. Practical maths skills.
  3. Drawing skills.
  4. Pattern design.
  5. Presentation skills.

Constructed Textiles


The aim of this project is to teach students basic practical textile skills. The constructed textile techniques they will learn will cumulate in a small varied portfolio of functional and decorative items. These will include clothes, upholstery, bags, toys and wall hangings. Students will take the knowledge they have learned during the project away in their sketchbooks.

Learning Outcomes

  1. They will learn both decorative and practical techniques to create textile-based items.
  2. The students will learn the importance of color harmony, this will be achieved through tutor guided workshops, which will be found in their sketchbooks and final outcomes.
  3. A basic understanding of various constructive techniques for working textiles.

Transferrable Skills

  1. Being able to achieve a project from start to finish.
  2. Practical mathematical skills in making precise measurements.
  3. Reading and communication skills.
  4. Ability to repair and recycle clothes.

Lesson Guide

Week 1

Pin Cushion
Needle Book
Equipment Case

Week 2

Wet Felting
Knitting Cushions
Decorating Wall Hangings

Week 3

Cross Stitch Cards
Macramé Bags
Silk Painted Cards

Week 4

Doll Making
(Cut template, sew doll, paint doll, dolls hair)

Week 5

Smoking Press Or Top
Weaving Fabric

Week 6

Latch Hook Cushion
(sew and stuff)

Week 7

Rug Making (Using Pompoms)
Plaiting Recycled Fabric Strips
Proggy Mats

Week 8

Finish Mats
Silk Painting Dip Dye Scarves
Batik Scarves
Wet Felting

Week 9

Crocheting Bags
Macramé Bags
Appliqué Bags

Week 10

Sample Stitch Book
Applique Animal
Finish Outstanding Products